Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Upload files to your Google Drive without downloading them

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Now upload files to your Google Drive without downloading them - Sounds Really Great! Isn’t it? Yes. Till now you have uploaded files to Google drive by firstly downloading them. by now you dont need to download Just check this app.

Three of my friends Sagar, Pratik and Jobin from College of Engineering, Pune have developed an application :Direct 2 Drive as part of Google Cloud Developer challenge 2013
This application would help you to upload your files directly to your Google drive anywhere from the web without having to download them to your device.
Check out the Demo Here : Direct 2 Drive

The tutorial of the app on youtube: Direct 2 Drive

Benefits of this application:

1) Economic: This is perhaps the most beneficial part: The file is uploaded from the website you choose directly to Google's server, helping to save money by not downloading to your device and then getting uploaded from it- doubled the savings!
2) Technical: a) If you are on a mobile device, its a cherry on the cake. Most devices don't have a very good network connection speed and this does not matter when you use this application: Its all about the server where the website you are uploading from and Google's server where the file is getting downloaded. b) You don't need to have storage space to save the file.
3) Time: You don't need to wait till the file gets uploaded to Drive. You just tell Direct2Drive to upload and then continue your work: turn off your network connection, your device; it does not matter, the file will get uploaded.
Please go ahead and use the app! 

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